Adobe Lightroom PRO Mod APK 5.4.1 (Premium Unlocked) for Android

Interested in capturing photos with your Android device? Then you need a powerful camera and awesome editing application. Adobe Lightroom is just the right application for you guys. It is a camera app as well as an editing application. You can capture a photo in auto-effects mode or professional mode.

In auto-effect mode, the effects will automatically be applied to the captures photo and in professional mode, you can apply effects manually. Adobe Lightroom provides more editing features. But not all the features are free. You have to buy its premium pack to use premium features i.e. healing brush, raw editing, batch editing, etc. Here you need Adobe Lightroom Mod APK.

What’s Special about Adobe Lightroom Pro Mod?

Adobe Lightroom Pro Mod has all the premium features unlocked to use as it is the modified version. You don’t have to pay any fees to use the premium features. Healing brush, batch editing, raw editing, and other editing options are all available to use freely without any time limit. You can backup your photos on the cloud with your adobe account and access them anywhere on any device.

you can download the Mod Apk from here and install it in your Android device whether it is rooted or not. The premium features are discussed in the following section and sub-section. These premium features are only available to use freely in this mod version. In the official version of this app, you have to pay subscription fees.

Adobe Lightroom Pro APK Info

APK NameAdobe Lightroom Pro Mod
APK Size81 MB
Required Android
Last Updated1 day ago

Features of Adobe Lightroom Pro Mod APK

  • Batch Editing 
  • Backup Your Photos and Access anywhere 
  • Healing Brush
  • Auto-tag Your Photos
  • Perspective Adjustments
  • Online Sharing 
  • Edit Precisely 
  • Auto-sort People Photos
  • Raw Editing 

Download Adobe Lightroom Pro Mod Latest Version

Features’ Explanation

We have explained have the features of the mod version of this app you are getting for free in the following sub-sections. Read them for more information on the features. If you have any questions after reading, feel free to comment below. We will answer your questions as soon as possible.

Batch Editing 

You can select the multiple photos and make a batch of these photos. Now you can edit all the photos at once. The editing you apply on one image will be applied to all the images in that batch. It saves so much time as you had to go editing and applying the changes to all images one by one. But batch editing eliminates this limitation.

Backup Your Photos and Access Anywhere

You can create your account on Adobe Lightroom Pro and connect to the cloud, upload/backup your photos, providing you the ability to access the photos anywhere and anytime in any device. Just login with your Adobe account and you can start your editing in any device.

Healing Brush

Healing Brush is the tool that can remove any object from your photos, no matter how small or large it is. Capturing a photo of beautiful scenery, but there is something in-between you and the scenery. Don’t worry, just capture it. By using the healing brush, you can remove that object getting the perfect photo.

Auto-tag Your Photos

Adobe Lightroom Pro adds tags to your photos automatically by identifying the object in the pictures. You can search your photos easily by these tags. No need to watch all your list to find a photo. For example, you capture a photo in front of a car.

Adobe Lightroom Pro adds a car tag automatic to this photo and whenever you need to find this photo out of thousands, you can just search by car keyword. Then all the photos with the car will be shown. Now you only have to search through these results, saving you precious time by neglecting all other photos.

Perspective Adjustments

Adobe Lightroom Pro provides the tool to adjust the perspective of the photo. You can change the angle to some extent with a geometric slider tool.

Online Sharing

You can share and upload your photos on Adobe web. Others can see your photos and you can too. You can also see the changes others do in their photos.

Edit Precisely

This application also provides the option to edit the selected part of the photo. Open the photo you want to edit, choose the Selective Edit option, and then select the part of the image that you want to edit. The selection part is free-handed selection. This means you can select any part with your fingers with precision.

Auto-sort People Photos

People View is another feature of this app that auto-sort the photos of a different person. You can see all the photos of anyone by this auto-sort list of peoples.

Raw Editing

Whenever you capture a photo, you can save its raw photo. Raw photos are the original photos without any effects on it. You can apply changes in the raw photos on your own accord. 

Installation Guide

You can install the app in your device easily with the following steps.

  1. Firstly, download the file.
  2. Secondly, open your file manager and locate the file.
  3. The default location is file manager> downloads> Adobe Lightroom Pro.
  4. Check for the unknown source installation. Now, enable it.
  5. Now click on the installation button.
  6. Now open the installed app and have fun with your photography.
  7. If you like this application, do share it with others too.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a healing brush?

A healing brush is a tool that provides you the power to remove any object from your photo.

Can I backup my photos on the cloud?

Yes. You can backup both, edited and original, photos on the cloud.

Can I apply the same changes to multiple photos?

Yes. You can apply the same changes to multiple photos with batch editing.

Do I need to buy the premium pack to use premium features?

You can download and install the mod version of this app from this site and can use all the premium features at no cost.

Can I capture photos with this app?

Yes. You can as it is a camera app too.


Adobe Lightroom Pro Mod is the best combination of camera and amazing editing options. You can set the camera in automatic mode to adjust the parameters automatically or in professional mode to adjust the parameters manually. Other features and options are already explained in this blog. Download Adobe Lightroom Pro Latest Version from here and enjoy your photography with premium editing features. Don’t forget to share this app with your friends. Have a nice day!

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